Intimate Strangers


His seductive caress on my naked thigh is enough to drive me wild,

My breath catches in my chest, my head begins to swim.

It’s impossible to focus on anything other than his lips on mine.

I can feel his urgency as he presses against me,

I let out a low moan, which penetrates the heavy silence of the darkened room.

I catch a glimpse of his reflection in a bedside mirror,

The momentary tease of his unadorned form adds to my already heightened arousal.

Beads of sweat slither down my spine as the pleasure begins to build,

A shockwave of orgasmic desire surges through us instantaneously.


He retreats as quickly as he appeared,

Never again will I experience the intensity of his touch,

The tender yet unyielding way he drove me to a utopian state.

Forever more we shall remain silent strangers in the night,

Intimate strangers, destined never to meet again.

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