Kate Hames


I often try to think of ways to make you realise this is real
My words are often lost on you, rejection is what I feel.

My pen is poised above the paper, wanting to tell you more
My heart is bursting with love and feelings buried beneath the core

Just a glimpse of happiness, a moment that we shared
A secret smile or whispered word, a hint to show you cared

I’m not asking every day for what our future may or may not hold
Once in a while just let me know that your feelings won’t go cold

So much time has now gone by and still I am left in the dark,
Strength came to bring me out of here, a fire ignited from my spark

Anger built inside of me, the rage I could not control,
Then tranquil peace swept through me, as white light enveloped my soul

The storm rode calmly over as I laid here on my bed,
The thought of you is passing, drifting slowly through my head.

It’s time for me to leave now, I hope you understand
No longer will I kiss you or take you by the hand.

The dreams we shared together have been shattered by time
The hopes I have inside me are no longer ours, but mine.


Published by Kate

I write, therefore I am. I spend my days writing, wondering what to write, being creative and generally being awesome 😊 Welcome to my world, won't you come on in? xx

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