The only release…..




Your face it fills me with such feeling,

A dread that drills and drums,

A shaking sweat, spills out, I’m kneeling

Until my saviour comes.

Your touch it terrifies me to tears,

A horror that’s hell not healing,

A fumbled fall that releases fears

A nightmare still unreeling.

I’ll sit and suffer, supressed by silence,

Until the day I can escape this violence.

5 thoughts on “The only release…..

  1. Wow. This is intense.

    1. Thank you.. I think 🙂

      1. It’s a compliment. It’s always good to have strong emotions in your work. That’s what I try to do in my short stories. (-:

      2. Thank you very much, its been quite daunting deciding to ‘publish’ my writing! 🙂

      3. Oh yeah, I know the feeling well. I’ve only been at this blogging thing for a little over two month myself. I’m always worried when I new short story or character interview of mine posts.

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