A Compliment a Day…

Photo by Oksana Shchegolkova on Pexels.com

Just a little warm fuzzy for you all today 💖

The world in which we live is such an evil place, it is fast becoming an over populated hellhole. People seem to be in a constant state of hatred. They’re so focused on wanting to hear the bad and the ugly, they’ve forgotten to focus on the good.

There is just so much negativity flying around that I thought I would have a go at handing out some positive vibes.

I have no preconceptions about changing the world, I’m not expecting to bring about world peace but I am going to give you some things to think about. These following thoughts are about my friends, family and work colleagues. I’m not going to mention any names, I don’t want to create feelings of grandeur or jealousy, I just want you all to feel some warm fuzzies for a while 🙂

So here they are, the things I should be telling you, but for some reason don’t… I endeavor to try harder and let you know just how special you all are on a more regular basis.

“I admire the way you view life and its struggles. Nothing stops you or gets you down. You’re such a strong person, with a heart of gold.”

“Your positive attitude is so contagious. Your presence is all that is needed to keep people calm and happy”

“You are hilarious, your life reads like a circus soap opera and it’s just incredible”

“You have the calmest nature and the sweetest ways, more than anyone I have ever known”

“Your blunt honesty sometimes stings but it is most certainly appreciated, don’t change it, it’s an important quality to keep hold of. Also you’re very silly, in a good way”!

“Even though I know you’re not always happy you still keep smiling, I just wish you would think of yourself for once”

“You’re incredible! Strong willed, wickedly honest and one of the best hug givers in the world”

“Hilarious! So sensitive and sweet. You make me smile continuously”

“You have changed my life in a way you will never know and I can never thank you enough”

“You brighten even the greyest of days”

This may well be something that I continue, it feels good to write such positive words. So many people are quick to judge and bitch about others, myself included, it would be nice to see something positive being said for once.

I often talk about people in a positive way to other peers but I never tell these people to their face how great I think they are. Why is this? It doesn’t have to be every day, but every now and then just tell that friend, neighbour, acquaintance, work colleague, family member or even stranger, just how much you like their hair, or how pretty their eyes are how you love the way they savour every sip of tea as if it was their last 😉 You have no idea how much these comments might change a person’s day!


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