‘Wild’ By Cheryl Strayed (My thoughts)




My beautiful friend Natalie recommended this book to me, her recommendation went something like this

“You NEED to read this book, it’s just something I can see you doing…well not the sleeping around and taking heroin..but the rest, definitely”

So I needed to read this book to find out exactly what it was that I would do!

I bought the book on my Kindle almost straight away and had read it in about three days, I hate to use the phrase, ‘couldn’t put it down’ but I just couldn’t put it down. I was drawn in by it being based on a true story, these things actually happened to Cheryl, the author. We all have our fair share of misfortunes and Cheryl’s aren’t that dissimilar from the next persons, however it is the way she deals with her obstacles and demons that really inspired me. I know it’s going to be of those books that I will recommend and remember forever.

Basically Cheryl’s Mum dies of cancer and it sends her over the edge, her marriage breaks down, her life is a mess and she’s lost. Instead of just rolling with the punches and expecting time to heal she decides to do something else. She decides to hike the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail). For those of you who don’t know (I had never heard of it neither), the PCT spans the Pacific Coast of America from the Mojave Desert in Mexico all the way to Canada, 2,663 miles long, so not just your average Sunday stroll.

Her story has been an inspiration to me, I genuinely keep researching the PCT, I now have the thought implanted in my brain and I know it will never go away. I would love to pack a ridiculously over-sized backpack twice the size of me and set off on a near impossible journey.

Cheryl’s sheer determination is certainly something to be admired. I’m just waiting patiently for a substantial amount of money to come my way so that my friend and I can just leave our lives for three months and embark on this incredible adventure for ourselves.


(edit)*The book was also made in to a movie…as much as I adore Reese Witherspoon (who plays Cheryl), the book is better, but isn’t that always the case?.

Reese’s portrayal is excellent, I just felt that the movie did not do Cheryl’s story any justice. (Sorry Reese xx). However it is directed by Jean-Marc Vallee, who is brilliant and also directed Big Little Lies.


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