Just paint red things

I keep promising myself that I will post to my blog in a more structured fashion, unfortunately life just gets in the way! It’s been a mixed bag of a weekend (well two weekends! I really need to get organised) so I’m going to squish everything in together.

I’ve managed to get three of my blog list ticked off! There was ‘draw only red things’, in fact it said to draw only red things all day…because I have all day to just draw…then there was ‘illustrating my shopping list’. As you can probably tell my heart’s not in many of these, I just can’t leave the list unfinished! It’s therapeutic, although I’m obviously not an artist. The third task was to find a photo of someone and write a bio for them, I’m posting that one separately as it kind of got away from me.

Here we have our DIY progress so far! Cm’s bedroom was next on our list, we haven’t actually yet finished the laundry room but I’ve been given strict orders to halt the renovations until more important things are finished. Such as life and my degree…and I was doing so well at procrastinating! So this may well be the last DIY post from me for a while 😦

There’s a few finishing touches to be done as and when but at least the smelly bedroom is done now. By the time we’ve finished the rest of the house we will need to repaint this bedroom!

So last weekend (Halloween) was taken up by decorating, we ended up being a day behind my schedule because we had wall paper stripping issues and someone was slightly hungover after going to an Ann Summers Halloween party… we’re getting there though, I keep saying this but it really doesn’t feel like we’re getting anywhere but at least we’re still smiling 😀


Yes, I know, we’re awesome 😉

Decorating and DIY were very much not on the agenda this weekend as it was Bonfire Night! The weekend was quiet and without mishap or incident…don’t be so ridiculous, have you been paying attention to any of my blog posts? There’s is never a week without incident, it just does not happen in this household. Not content with already being ill and off sick from work, my dingbat of a boyfriend decided he didn’t like his ankle anymore and disgustingly sprained it. I couldn’t even look at it, it made me feel sick, in fact this photo does not portray how messed up it actually looks.

20161105_180453 Although today the bruising has come out and it does look quite pretty 😛

I apologise for the mixed bag and for the foot picture, I know some people just don’t like them. I am determined to get in to an actual blog routine and integrate some structure, I just have other pressing matters at the moment but I do love talking absolute sh**e and I am aware that it’s probably not of interest to many people but it helps me for now so if you do happen to read this, thank you and please pass on my ramblings to anyone else you think might be interested 🙂 ♥


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