Multitasking…no thanks





When I think of multitasking I immediately think of a woman sitting at her desk; (I found her ⇑) she’s on the phone to an important client who needs this, that and the other done ASAP, she’s also taking down notes about the call or checking something on her computer, which then leads her to check something else unrelated whilst still on the call. She has a half eaten salad, because lets face it she’s not eating carbs, she’s on the no dairy, no sugar, no fat, no fun diet and she has an afternoon spin class, followed by Pilates and an evening swim booked in after her 10th and final meeting of the day. Fair enough, that was taking multitasking to the extreme, but some people’s lives are like that and so many of us strive to have that life. But why? It all sounds too chaotic for me, she needs to chill the f**k out. Eat cake!!

It’s not so much the multitasking that’s the problem, fair enough I will straighten the bathroom up whilst brushing my teeth, or sort the washing out whilst boiling the kettle, but it’s the trying to do too much at once. I’ve just done it now, halfway through writing this blog post, I have several tabs open and now Google Chrome very kindly sends me Facebook notifications, very helpful, not! So I wandered off in to the Facebook and completely forgot I was supposed to be writing this!

Growing up I recall multitasking as being this amazing thing, women were apparently really good at it and if you were a woman and couldn’t multitask then you’re rubbish. Well I can multitask but I choose not to anymore. It’s stupid and pointless. It doesn’t save time, it’s not efficient and it just makes you screw up five things at once instead of one. Take your time, calm down.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘mindful’, it’s becoming very popular and it’s probably a great meditative tool to have. Unfortunately I find it really difficult, I need to retrain my brain to shush. I had some counselling sessions about six months ago and part of that was to practice being mindful. I found that trying to be mindful whilst brushing my teeth was an easy one to start with. You just have to really pay attention to the task at hand, whatever it is. I concentrate on the taste of the toothpaste, the feel of the bristles against my gums, the sound it makes, what the toothpaste smells like. I sometimes get caught up the moment and space out, which is basically the point, I suppose. Then my toothbrush tells me I’ve brushed my teeth for long enough and I’m zapped back to reality!

Anywho, I’ve gone off on a tangent again, I start my blog posts with such good intentions and then I lose myself in the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go. Sorry I had an Eminem moment 😛

Basically what I’m trying to say is, you don’t need to get everything done all at once, we really do put so much pressure on ourselves and it’s creating a frazzled, stressed out generation and frazzled is never a good look…. lets all be hippies and live in a tree! 😀


Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing 🙂

‘Blind faith is no way to run a world’ – Victor Stenger



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