Paranormal Interview


An interview with a medium. They chose to remain anonymous due to personal reasons.

1.When did you first realise you had this gift? Do you class it as a gift?

Yes, I class it as being a gift. I was 6 or 7 when I first realised I had it.

2. What has been your strangest experience?

I once saw a presence riding alongside me and my horse. The horse began to act quite weird and at first I just thought he was misbehaving, I then realised that he could sense we weren’t alone.

3. What has been your scariest experience?

This was at Newsham Park Hospital, renowned for ghost hunting. I saw an over-sized black apparition. It came running towards me. I believe it actually got inside of me and made me ill for quite some time afterwards.

4. Do you believe that you are capable of predicting the future?

Yes I do, but it’s not on command. I tend to get vivid dreams and video-like premonitions. I also get intense gut instincts.

5. Have you ever tried psychometry? 

Yes, I do pick up visions from objects, I usually see where they were associated with in the past.

6. When/if you have premonitions do they come to in dreams or are they random?

I have had both, but the dreams occur more frequently.

7. Why do you think we have yet to find actual proof of an afterlife? Or do you think we already have proof?

I think if you have the ability to see things that is your proof; but you also understand that people who can’t see these things will doubt its existence.

8. I suppose since you first realised that you had this gift at age 6/7 it is completely natural?

Yes, totally natural.

9. Following on from that, do you think everyone has this ability, can you learn it?

I think that everyone has the potential to open up to it.

10. Do you feel as though this is what you should be doing? That you are helping spirits?

Absolutely. I feel as though this is a good gift to have, even though some people consider me a ‘freak’ or a ‘weirdo’. I’ve done house clearances before and it’s a relief for people who have unwanted guests! ♥∞

Well I don’t think she’s a freak or a weirdo. I think she’s amazing and wonderful and this gift should be embraced. We don’t have all the answers and we may never have them in our lifetime. For now it’s nice to keep an open mind and be thankful that we can explore all possibilities.


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