Keeping up with the Jones’

How often are you comparing yourself to others?

Do you look at other people and wish you had their hair, their shoes, their money?

Do you tell yourself that their children are progressing far quicker than yours?

They’ve lost more weight than you?

Do you constantly ask why they have everything?

How is it fair that they have their dream job, dream house, new car, perfect relationship, well-behaved children… Stop! Stop it right now. I mean it, stop it right this second.

Those lives that you see are not perfect.

I can assure you that no matter how ‘together’ you think that person has it, they don’t.

You might even look at your friends and wonder why everything is happening for them and you’re stuck here moaning about it.

Yes I get it. You don’t have the job you want or the house, or the money; but only you can change that. Watching the lives of others is not going to change your life, at least not for the better.

Behind closed doors the lives of others are very different to what you see on social media, or from what your acquaintances, work colleagues and even friends tell you.

People want other people to believe that they are perfect, that they’ve got their s**t together. Well I don’t, I’m not perfect and I certainly don’t have my s**t together every day.

For the most part I know what I’m doing and the plan sticks but just yesterday the plan fell apart. I have four days a week that I set aside for posting my blog and yesterday I had no choice but to miss a day. I did try to squish in the work but I was shattered and my new lease on life is not about adding more stress.

I ended up, for one reason or another, having to drive from one place to another, clocking up over 70 miles. This was ultimately to get my nose pierced! Whoo!

Anyway, the whole day took so much longer than anticipated and I didn’t get home until 9pm, by which time I was ready for my bed.

I admit I did stress about it slightly and I started thinking,

Why does everyone else have the time to do X,Y,Z and I don’t‘?

I stopped that thought almost as quickly as it had started. I’m not Wonder Woman and it’s not worth it to burn myself out. I work bloody hard doing what I do and ultimately it comes down to being happy.

That is what you should be doing, thinking about what makes you happy and doing it. Don’t worry about what endeavours those people are getting up to on Facebook or Instagram.

Take a look around you and find one thing that is amazing in your life. Focus on that for now until you find two things and so on and so forth.

Pay attention to the inspirational and the the things that make you smile. This is your life and your future, so start living it for yourself and not for the approval of others. ♥


Had my nose pierced!


To be loved, love (Si vis amari ama) – Ovid

Nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we loved each other – Daphne Rose Kingma

Only a person who risks is free – Anonymous 



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