Plain and simple


My favourite flavour of crisps is plain, ready salted. Some people might read that and think of it as being boring. Whereas I look at it as the place where I can control the chaos that is my life and by chaos I mean freaking awesomeness!

My life is filled with appointments, days out, meals, weekends away, meeting friends, spending time with family and I love it. I could not have it any other way. I love being busy, I like having somewhere to go and something to do. Especially at a weekend.

My week days are filled with work, writing, doing house things and generally being a Mum and carrying out ‘wifely-duties’. So any opportunity I get to go somewhere and do things I will go and do it. These are also great experiences for me as a writer. I see new things, hear them, smell them, feel them, then store it away in my head ready to use in my stories further down the line.

Three weekends ago I was a ‘witch’ in Salem. I was playing a strategic card game surrounded by some lovable geeks, pizza and a couple of cats. A few days after that I was at a registration day for a casting company, signing myself up to be a TV and film extra in the hopes of one day becoming the Doctors new travelling companion…

Mother’s Day brought some yummy afternoon tea in the company of some of my beautiful family members… Here’s two of them ♥


These are all tiny little flashes of time in the grand scheme of things, that’s why they are precious and remarkable to me. Make the most out of every day, do what you love, keep those who you love close by and just live, otherwise what’s the point?

Thank you to all of you, for just being you ♥

There’s so many things out there to be doing, lots of moments to cherish and memories to make. Don’t fritter your life away go, get out there and enjoy it 🙂


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