Who’s That Girl? It’s Leila Kotori!

Leila Kotori, Leila Kotori, Leila Kotori.

Have I said it enough times? Just once more…Leila Kotori.

It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? And so it should! This girl is set for stardom. Ready to take the world by storm.

Leila started performing at a young age, acting and dancing. She decided she was going to be an actress, she wanted fame, fortune and everything that came with it.

Unfortunately the dreaded teenage doubts kicked in and she thought maybe she needed to get a “proper job”. Leila’s dream of becoming an actress was pushed to the back of her brain drawer and instead she went to study Geography and Archaeology at university.

With her degree firmly under her belt and the vision of becoming a real life Lara Croft slowly fading, Leila felt the tug of her creativity creeping back in. She knew in her heart that acting was her calling and so enrolled to do a Screen Acting Diploma at Redroofs Theatre School.

Leila has since gone on to star in the multi award-winning short film ‘Human’ by Patrick Ryder and also two feature films, ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Fighting Heart’.

Leila’s most recent venture,’Blame’ which she has written and co-produced is in the post production stage. Leila is raring to get it out there and on to the festival circuit.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

“The best piece of advice I have ever been given was to stick with plan A. If you have a plan B then you will never commit or succeed, you have to have belief in you and your plan!”

If you weren’t an actress what might you be doing instead?
“I think even if i wasnt an actress I would always be a creative, it is just who I am.”
 If you could choose any role across TV, film and stage to play, what/who would it be?
“The role I would and have always wanted to play is Lara Croft, she is literally such a kick ass powerful female character. But if they ever make a film based on the comic book ‘She Hulk’ I would love to give that a go!  Leila Smash!”
 If you were a planet which one would you be?
There is totally a planet out there called Leila! 
 Where in the world would you like to visit the most?
I would most like to visit Barbados, white sands, clear blue sea. I can imagine it is just beautiful…
 Would you rather have eyelashes for fingers or fingers for eyelashes?
Haha! Eyelashes for fingers 🙂
 Is the hokey-cokey really what it’s all about?
The Hokey-cokey is not all that…
If you want find out more about Leila (you know you do) and what she has been up to, you can follow her on Twitter, check out her showreels on YouTube, see what she’s been up to on Facebook, she’s even on Instagram.
Or simply check out her website www.leilakotori.com


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