Holy Island

Following on from our trip to Sunderland to scatter my Nana’s ashes, my Mum, Christopher and I carried on with our travels up to Scremerston. If you’ve never been to Northumberland then I suggest that you get your little tush there right now. It’s beautiful and there’s a definite sweet scent of magic in the air as soon as you cross that border. The air is clean and fresh. The views are beautiful and breath-taking and there’s a castle for every day of the year…okay so there’s not quite enough for every day of the year but there are lots (over 70 I’m told).

One of my most favourite places up yonder is Holy Island. I think I’ve visited it every time we’ve been up that way. There’s something about the causeway that fascinates me. I think it’s the thought of being stuck over there if you miss the safe crossing time. It’s a mini adventure every time we drive across!

Holy Island has a population of only 160 but a visitor influx of over 650,000 people a year. Which is no surprise to me when this darling little island is home to Lindisfarne Castle. (Currently closed due to maintenance, due to re-open in April 2018) Even though the castle is closed at the moment there’s still loads more to do on Holy Island. It’s a great place to explore, there are loads of rugged beaches, the lime kilns and the famous Lindisfarne Mead. I also personally recommend that you check out The Pilgrims Coffee House, they do really good turkey sandwiches and their service is impeccable.

*Don’t forget to check safe crossing times when visiting Holy Island.

I have a couple of ‘Mumisms’ courtesy of my Mum from our trip away. No matter what we’re doing we always end up laughing, lots, usually at my Mum’s expense! So from this weekend we had…

” Oh it’s Pinot Gringo wine” and my personal favourite,

“Is that a Seafood bar?” she asked this question whilst pointing at a sign that said ‘Seafood Bar’…


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