A couple of words with author C.S. Evans – She’s a bit odd…


Clair Evans, author of ‘The Soul Conductor’; a fantasy novel with some beautifully created characters and a gripping story-line that has the perfect mix of satisfaction and still leaving you wanting more.

Clair has also published several short stories with the e-book publishers ‘Cafe Three Zero’

The sequel to her debut novel is on hold for the moment whilst Clair focuses on a slightly different route. She is currently interested in all kinds of things that go bump in the night (or day) and spends her time researching for ‘Paranormally Curious’ who will be publishing a book later this year* filled with personal accounts of ghost sightings and any other paranormal activity that people may have witnessed.

If Clair isn’t busy juggling home life with her youngest son and daft dog, or nosying in the (after) lives of random people then you’ll probably find her skulking around graveyards, she’s weird like that…

Let’s see what she offered when I put some questions her way…

1. You have 2 hours until the end of the world, what do you do?

Drive to Porlock Weir with my family and drink to our achievements in this life. It would have to be a very strong drink so we’re nice and relaxed when the end arrives!
2. Would you rather be the inventor of time travel or invisibility?

Time travel. I have a long list of times and places I would visit. Although the temporal paradoxes I’d probably cause would be interesting…
3. What will be written on your grave?

‘A life lived with the best of intentions, which did not always produce the best results.’
4. Best piece of life advice you can give me?

Be you. Nobody else is qualified.
5. How many seas must the white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand?

Doves can sail? You learn something every day!
6. Where IS Wally?

I could give you a slightly politically controversial answer, but I’ll be good and just say he’s probably everywhere and nowhere.
7. Are we there yet?

I hope not. I haven’t fulfilled my potential!


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