A Creative Genius


Hannah is this beautiful tiny little woman who loves in Texas with her handsome Englishman husband.

Hannah runs a shop, Coffee Scribbles, on Etsy where she sells her amazing eclectic artwork. Her quirky one off pieces are the next thing you need to put in your house right now!

From sketches of sexy pin-ups to crocheted blankets of the TARDIS. There is nothing this lady can’t make fantastic, hand her a piece of paper and she’ll give you back a masterpiece.

Hannah very kindly took some time out from her creative genius to answer some random questions for me…

1. Do you have a favourite pair of socks?

It’s hard to say…I figure life is too short to worry about whether or not my socks match, so they’re always mixed and matched. But if I had to choose there’s a pair of knee high TARDIS socks I pull out for special occasions.

2. Without Google or asking Shawn, do you know what a ‘butty’ is?

The only time I have heard this is when Shawn steals my ‘chips’ to make a chip butty….a concept I have not yet embraced in our international marriage.

3. If I give you an elephant where would you hide it?

I live in Austin…so I’d give him a monocle and hide him in plain sight on 6th street. No one would ask questions.

4. Is the answer to this question no?

No, of course not. How could it be?

5. Describe the colour yellow to a blind person.

Yellow looks like summer feels.

6. Are we there yet?

Don’t make me turn this questionnaire around. I will do it.

7. Where have all the cowboys gone?

Willie and Waylon made it too famous…..all those who would have been cowboys are now doctors and lawyers and such.


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