Day out in Chester!

I’ve never known much about Chester, other than it being where Hollyoaks is filmed. I was headed there for the day with two of my awesome lady friends so we could meet up with our other awesome lady friend, who happens to live out that way!

In the past if I’d planned to visit somewhere I would research the life out of it. I want to know where to go, what to do and I want it planned, military style. This hasn’t always served me too well in the past thought as it tends to create stress and migraines when things don’t go to plan.

On this occasion I decided I wasn’t going to look. I had a quick nosy at a couple of photos and that was it. I had requested that we do a Hollyoaks studio tour but apparently that isn’t a thing…

The drive down there was about two hours and we spent around 15 minutes of that driving up and down the same road looking for the entrance to the Park and Ride.

Entrance found, we parked up, hopped on the bus and off we went.

My first impression of Chester is that it is extremely beautiful. The original buildings and cute little shops, pubs and restaurants give it that Olde Worldy feel that you get when you visit somewhere like Haworth or York, both of which should be on everyone’s bucket lists.

We stopped for lunch at The Victoria, this cute pub is nestled in among the shops in Chester’s famous Chester Rows. It’s a cute little higgledy-piggledy pub with cosy corners and a delicious Sunday Roast, albeit hotter than lava!

After lunch we had a mosey on down past some more shops and we couldn’t resist The Turmeaus Whisky and Cigar Shop. That place smells incredible and houses some of the worlds most sought after (and expensive) whiskies. Unfortunately we weren’t offered any samples but the shop is lovely and well worth a visit.

Now when I said I hadn’t researched or planned anything for this day I may have slightly requested that we go on a boat…because what else is there to do when the Earth plants a great big body of water in front of you?

I know what you’re thinking; was it a speed boat? a steam boat? a row boat? a yacht?!

No, it was a pedal boat.  (Check out the video here>) Pedal Boat down the River Dee

I had visions of us gently cruising down the River Dee, glass of wine in my hand, waving to the ducks…but instead I had to settle for a ‘Feast’ ice-cream and a pedal boat!

And to add insult to injury it was decided that the only one of us who is unlicensed to drive should “drive” the boat…Surely that’s a disaster waiting to happen? Well not entirely, she only drove us in to a tree twice, nearly grounded us and ran over a duck. (*No ducks were actually harmed in the making of this day out)

All in all a great day was had, as always.

A couple of beers, cocktails, some ice-cream, a Roman Ampitheatre and some Wok&Go noodles later we all headed off to our homes and back to reality.

The next adventure awaits in May, in the shape of a BBQ…


Pedal Boat down the River Dee


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