Budget Mum’s to the rescue!


Clare Curran created Budget Mum’s because she knows that there’s more to life than having to worry about what to cook for tea or how to enjoy the school holidays without breaking the bank.

Let me set the scene for you…

It’s the school holidays (again) and you realise that in among the drama that is your life you have completely forgotten to plan things to occupy your little darling angels. Instead of forking out extortionate amounts of money on days out and McDonald’s bribes then why not check out what Budget Mum’s has for you instead πŸ™‚

Clare’s website, Budget Mum’s, is packed to the rafters with hints, tips and tricks to help busy Mum’s (or Dad’s) on a budget. Even if you’re not on a budget you can still use them, I promise she won’t mind πŸ™‚

There’s things to do on rainy days, school holidays, meal planners, gift ideas, where to bag those freebies! If you want it, it’s all here.

Clare very kindly took two minutes out of her meal planning madness to fulfill my need of wanting the answers to random questions…

1. Where is Wally?

Top right corner of the page. Just keep looking.

2. Would you rather eat a bag of dried pasta or a packet of porridge oats?

Pasta. When I was a kid, my Nan used to give me a piece to crunch on when she cooked it.

3. If you were a planet which one would you be?

Pluto. I feel a little bit sorry for it. Is it a planet or isn’t it? Don’t worry Pluto, you’ll always be a planet to me.
4. What’s your motto?

Nothing. What’s the motto with you?
5. What can you hear right now?

Rain. It’s a wet, miserable day here.
6. Favourite biscuit?

Chocolate chip.
7. Why doesn’t Donald Duck wear trousers?

Because he’s a duck. Duck’s don’t wear pants.

Thank you Clare πŸ™‚

Budget Mum’sΒ to the rescue. Follow Clare on her social media sites so you don’t miss out ⇓⇓




Facebook –Β https://www.facebook.com/budgetmumsblog/


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