‘Criminal Minds’

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Post originally written in 2017.

I started watching Criminal Minds back in March. I had put it off for so long because they had 11 seasons worth on Now TV and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for that level of commitment. You know how it works though, I let my guard down, one thing lead to another and I was in need of something to cushion the blow of ‘Bones‘ going away forever 😦

I fell in love with all of the immediately, although ‘Inigo Montoya‘ (Mandy Patinkin) was my initial reason for wanting to watch it. I just wanted to see him in something where he’s not looking for the six-fingered-man.

Although the show is amazing and I do tend to binge watch it, I do have to take a ‘psycho break’ now and again. There are some sick, sick, sickos out there.

Apparently some of the episodes are taken from real life cases. Which is somewhat of a relief because if they have someone making all of this s**t up then they are clearly disturbed and maybe shouldn’t be around people.

I’m up to season 8 now. I have 4 more seasons to go before NowTv take it away from me forvever!

The stories are awesome, the characters are extraordinary. My favourites being Prentiss and Reid.

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It’s scary at times (if you’re a wuss like me), sad, exciting and definitely has it’s funny moments. There’s also lots of geeky references courtesy of Reid. He’s very ‘Sheldon Cooper/Sherlock’.

Look at me. Without a gun I look like a teachers assistant” – Dr.Spencer Reid

Anyway, I have at least another 100 episodes left to binge watch! So buh-bye 😀


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