Some walking, a steam train and the 1940’s

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Some people are filled with dread when they hear the words

“The in-laws are coming to stay”

For me it’s the complete opposite. I adore Chris’ Mum. She is wonderful, we get on, we have a laugh and I really enjoy her company. So on the rare occasion that we do get to spend time together it’s awesome!

We spent a wonderful relaxing weekend, eating yummy things, drinking prosecco, watching Criminal Minds, Doctor Who. We even found time to go exploring through Bingley woods, along the canal and back along the river. We met herons, ducks, geese, bunnies cows and horses.

We spent a gorgeous Sunday in Haworth at the 1940’s weekend. We didn’t get dressed up but it was still a great day.

We rode the Keighley and Worth Valley Steam Train up to Oxenhope and then back down to Haworth to join the festivities and take a step back in time to celebrate Britain’s victory.

The steam train journey is a must at any time of the year. You can follow in the footsteps of the Railway Children then maybe carry on your literary journey by visiting the Parsonage museum at Haworth, the home of the Brontes. There’s also a beautiful walk across the moors up to the Bronte Waterfall . It’s easy to see how the Bronte sisters were inspired for their stories and poetry.

The 1940’s weekend never disappoints, and this year was just as wonderful as it’s always been. Plenty of uplifted spirits, the buzz of celebration in the air.

I’ll never get bored of wandering up those cobbles and checking out the war memorabilia, the Home Guard keeping the streets safe, the taped up windows, the army vehicles and the vintage cars.

The effort and attention to detail that is put in to this weekend is amazing. The organisers, stall holders and the visitors really do pull out all the stops. From the music to the clothes, it all creates a triumphant atmosphere. We’re so lucky that we have the freedom to celebrate our history in such a way, that we can honour the men that fought for us and the women that kept the country going ♥

Thank you Haworth and to all who make the 1940’s weekend possible, you’re all awesome and we had a great day 🙂


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