Lots of fur babies!

I’ve always had animals in my life. I think a home isn’t a home without a little fur baby.

There were definitely many cats when I was little, the most we had at the same time, I think was six. I’m pretty sure most of them were adopted.

Here’s the ones I can remember the names of;


We had doggles too!

We’ve had fish;
Iron Man
(I haven’t accidentally repeated myself, we did have four fish called Tom, two cats called Thomas and two cats called Beauty).
And a rabbit called Caramel.

These have been over a time period of around 30 years.

We’ve also had 2 rats called Mr Brown and Mr White.

Then came two gerbils, Tywin and Nibbles. These were bought at Easter four years ago because my son couldn’t have his Easter eggs because he’d had a pretty horrific stomach bug 😦

We’ve also adopted three rats, Heidi, Sherlock and Gwen and two plecs, or Suckermouth Catfish and a tortoise!

We also had Buddy the Leopard Geck but in the time it’s taken to update this post he’s sadly been and gone 😦

Our Gerbil, Nibbles, was fairly old in gerbil terms, they tend to have an average lifespan of around 4-5 years. He made it to least four because but I don’t know how old he was when we bought him. Apparently his old age of four equates to around 100+ years in human terms!

They’re not just pets to us, I’m sure many people feel this way towards their own animals. They each have their own little personalities, even the plecs, as grumpy as they are.

They are part of the family and it is devastating when we lose one of them, we’ve sobbed our hearts out when they’ve died. They form your home, they are a constant, someone to talk to and sometimes cuddle if they’re feeling that way inclined…

Since we’ve moved we’ve had Stark the hamster, who has also sadly crossed the rainbow bridge.

We adopted Bandit back in 2016 and we also have another adopted cat, whose name used to be Rosie but we call here Floppy Ear or Floof…

The house we live in now is my childhood home and has always been a cat magnetic, so we’re fostering lots of cats too!

I’d have a huge array of animals if we had the space. That’s my dream, to have a garden big enough to invite all of the woodland creatures in to it and then one day maybe a zoo…

Who knows what might walk, crawl, slither or swim in to our house next 😉


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