Is there a Morrisons in heaven?

This last week we visited a beauty spot not far from my home called ‘Shibden Valley’.

My family have regularly visited this place over the years to pick bilberries and have picnics. I don’t recall any of these visits as I was either too young or hadn’t been born yet.

The only ‘image’ I have of me visiting here is from an old home movie where my Mum is struggling down an embankment with my four year old brother, a picnic basket and me nestled safely in her tummy. Whilst my Dad just stands there and records here fete down the hill with his ridiculously massive video camera. This was the early 80’s, such things were rarely seen back then and my Dad was known for rigging up home recording devices from old security cameras and other random pieces of equipment.

As this place was so often frequented by my Mum, Dad, Brother, Aunty, Uncle, Cousins and Grand-parents and equally loved by all, it seemed fitting to be the place where we scattered Nana and Grandad’s ashes. For it to be their final resting place.

We found the perfect spot, a beautiful tree over looking the valley where Nana and Grandad can watch over the many families and friends who come to make their own memories here in this tiny little part of the Universe.

Sadly this week we also mourn the loss of Aunty June, she was a good friend to Nana Lil and such a lovely lady.

Nana Lil, Grandad Ted, Aunty June and Uncle Ron. They’re all together once again. They’d all go do their weekly shop together at Morrisons and sometimes I’d be lucky enough to go with them. It was so exciting, sitting in the trolley or helping with the shopping list and I’d always get treat to a packet of ‘Animal Bars’. Wherever they are now and whatever they are all doing, I’m sure they’re happy and peaceful because they were all extraordinary people with the kindest of hearts ♥

The sad times of grief are inevitable but at least we have these wonderful memories to look back on ∞


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