The Lakes: Day Two

Check out Day One here.

We woke early the next day for our buffet style breakfast in the main hostel building. With our bellies full we packed up the car and headed down to Bowness-on-Windermere to have a go at a scavenger hunt. (I downloaded it from a website, unfortunately it wasn’t the best scavenger hunt we’ve ever been on.)

We started at the information centre on Glebe Road and we seemed to be doing okay at first, we were finding the answers to the clues, then as we got further in to the hunt the answers became more elusive. We walked up and down the same street about 14 times and still could not find the answers for that particular area. I’m guessing some shops might have closed down or something along those lines, either way the scavenger hunt needs an update… (I have contacted the treasure hunt people and they were really quick to respond and said they would be checking the trail asap to rectify any issues, so all shall be sorted soon.)

The sun was blaring, we were getting hungry and the kids had lost their will to live. Off to the car we went to pick up our picnic and find a nice spot for lunch. We’d brought our doggy bag from Pedro’s the night before and couple of ciders for Hayley and I. We copped a squat in the sun with a glorious view of the lake.


The boys explored the lake and climbed some trees, it was encouraging to see them being excited about something other than a computer. We lazily ate our lunch and enjoyed the view for a couple of hours.

A trip to Bowness is not complete without a visit to Kimi’s Gelato Bar. These guys offer delicious sundaes, crepes, Knickerbocker Glory’s, outrageous coffees, the best iced tea I’ve tasted in years and not forgetting their incredible authentic Italian Gelato. The staff here are so lovely and welcoming and the whole place has that friendly diner type feel. You need to check this place out right now…go now.


We plan to repeat this little adventure again and again and again…and again. I love that my best friends son has such a good friendship with my son, it’s just so cute and I love them both so much. They have their moments, they aren’t perfect, far from it, just take a look at their parents…but they are great children, I love them both, they have extraordinary personalities and such great adventures ahead of them together and individually ♥∞



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