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Your home doesn’t have to be Fort Knox, and in an ideal world we would all be able to leave our doors and windows wide open whenever we feel like it without worrying about the consequences. Unfortunately this isn’t an ideal world and burglars are opportunistic, if they see an easy way in they’ll take it.

Now you don’t need to invest in steel doors and retina scans, unless you’ve developed an elixir for life and need to keep it safe? I imagine that to not be the case and so you can take more practical steps to securing your home.

Although the British Summers aren’t always blazing sunshine and beach worthy, we do get some pretty muggy nights and it’s pretty tempting to leave your windows open to let that non-existent breeze in. Not a great idea and you’re pretty much just saying,

“Hey burglars, come on in”

If you keep your curtains closed through the day it can keep the room slightly cooler and most windows these days have a half lock option, so you can leave them ajar for a breeze.

Here a few hints and tips to keeping your home secure all year round.

    • Keep windows and doors locked.
    • Invest in an alarm, at least as a deterrent.
    • Security cameras. (You can find a surveillance camera for less than £40 on Amazon or Ebay)
    • Keep at least one light on over night.
    • Keep valuables out of sight.
    • Don’t keep car keys with you upstairs. Your life is more valuable than your car.
    • Fit door jammers to uPVC doors and extra bolts to other doors.

  • Timers for your plugs to switch lamps on are great if you’re arriving home late or going away. There are even apps available that you can use to switch lights on and off when you’re away from your home.
  • If you are going away don’t publicise it on social media.
  • Fit a post box instead of a letter box, that way people can’t see if your post has not yet been picked up.
  • Have a chain fitted on your exterior door, or a spy-hole.
  • Motion sensor lights outside, especially near doors.

These are just simple ways to keep your home safer, there are many other security measures you can take and it’s up to you how far you want to go with securing your home and also what you can afford. Just remember to be vigilant and don’t give anyone the chance to take advantage.

If you have any other tips you’d like to share please feel free!

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