Happy Woofday and donkeys…

I had a dream come true on Tuesday when I got to spend a couple of hours surrounded by doggles.

Foxy is my Mum’s dog, they rescued him just over a year ago and my Mum has succeeded in turning him in to a loveable looney. The 1st of August is Foxy’s birthday, he turned three this week and he certainly celebrated in style.

He spent his birthday the only way anyone should spend their birthday, surrounded by friends, eating yummy cake.

Happy woofday Foxy!

As well as celebrating with the doggies we also went to visit the donkeys at Hope Pastures in Weetwood near Leeds. At Hope Pastures they rescue, rehabilitate and re-home horses, donkeys and ponies.

You can visit them all free of charge, 365 days a year, between 10 am and 3 pm. You are free to wander round the facilities and say hello to the resident animals. They do have a  visitors centre too but it’s only open on weekends.

Many of the rescued animals have come to be at Hope Pastures due to neglect or abandonment and the volunteers here give them all the care and attention they need.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Just remember to not stand so close or they might start eating you like they did with Christopher…


5 thoughts on “Happy Woofday and donkeys…

  1. That’s so funny, I had a dream come true on Tuesday too! I found myself giving a speech naked in front of my high school class while being stalked by a killer clown! Oh wait, that was a nightmare, and it didn’t actually come true. lol Dogs and Donkeys! Natures soul mates! Did you get to eat some of the doggy cake, or was it filled with mealworm?


    1. Why aren’t you on stage?! It was suitable for human consumption, my mum tried some, she said it was very dry. The dogs loved it though!

      1. They’re all my mums dog walking friends. I’m just happy to get to snuggle them 😊 the dogs that is not the people!

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