Top Withens – Brontë Country

Today we walked along a pathway that was often visited by the Brontë sisters well over 100 years ago. The moors over Haworth were where inspiration was drawn for the many poems and stories written by Charlotte, Emily and Anne.

We took the public footpath from Moorside Lane which lead us through wild fields of sheep, bracken and heather. The Brontë waterfalls and Brontë Bridge are about a 20 minute walk from the roadside.

The views from up on the hillside once you cross the Bronte bridge are spectacular. My amateur photos do not do any justice to the raw, dramatic landscape.

We carried on over the hills and up to Top Withens, the place believed to be the inspiration for the Earnshaw house in Wuthering Heights. The house actually bears no resemblance to the description used in the book but it is popular with tourists none the less and is often the reason for pilgrimages taken by Brontë enthusiasts.

You can either take the path back down the way you came or go straight on at the signpost and walk through Stanbury and around the reservoir, we chose the latter and decided that because we’d lugged ourselves up a monster of a hill we should celebrate with cake. There are lots of amazing cake shops in Haworth but we made the slightly longer journey down in to Keighley to treat ourselves to ‘Cake Ole

Angel Sparkle Cake (Pixie dust flavour) With red cherry lemonade!

Don’t let your later become never!


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