Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival 2017

For two weeks of the year the village of Kettlewell is taken over by scarecrows from all walks of life. The residents take part in this wonderful festival, adorning their homes and gardens with funny arrangements, historical figures and topical celebrities.

We bought our ‘Grown Ups’ trail map for £1.00 at the car park stall and set off to find our first rock or pop star.


There were hundreds of people there, Mums, Dads, children, Grandparents, aunts, uncles and lots of doggies.

It’s an amazing family event, the trail was fun and the scarecrows were fantastic. Some of the displays were amazing, the time effort and thought that has gone in to some of them is exceptional.

They had everything from ‘In The Night Garden’ to Indiana Jones. There were Minions, Kings and Queens, penguins, ducks and the odd President Trump effigy. It was funny, imaginative and sometimes slightly scary.

I’m very much looking forward to next year.

If you’ve missed the Scarecrow Festival I still recommend a visit to Kettlewell, it’s a charming little village with plenty of places to explore and a great base to venture off in to the Dales.


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