Boys from the Dwarf

Red Dwarf is a British, comedy, Sci-Fi series that began in 1988, following the adventures of Lister, the last human, Rimmer, his hologram bunk mate, Cat, a highly evolved feline, Kryten, a rescued mechanoid and Holly the ships ever so helpful computer.

Red Dwarf was one of those programmes of my childhood that I would pretend to watch so that I could stay up late, I would laugh when my Dad laughed so it looked like I got the jokes, when really I hadn’t the foggiest.

Aside from it being in my head as one of the earliest memories of my childhood it is also the reason that kick started many awesome family holidays. The theme tune, which includes the lyrics,

I want to lie ship wrecked and comatose, drinking fresh mango juice”  prompted my Dad to book our first holiday to Florida.

Not only do I have Red Dwarf to thank for many years of laughter but also for many magical trips to Treasure Island, Fort Myers and Orlando.

As I continued to watch RD of my own accord I began to genuinely appreciate the humour and discover the love of each individual character instead of just watching some funny men on a ship.

They each had their appealing attributes but I was drawn to Rimmer for some reason, I can only assume it was because we also watched Brittas Empire and he became a recognisable face in my young mind.


As much as he is a total and utter goit, he’s still slightly loveable and back in the day he looked really good in shorts, amazing legs! 😉

(Which annoyingly I can’t find a picture of! My Google search is now filled with weird ways of trying to find pictures of Rimmer’s legs…)

Red Dwarf is one of those shows that I can go back to again and again, it never gets old it just gets funnier and funnier.

I very recently had the huge pleasure of meeting Chris Barrie (Rimmer) at a mini Comi-Con event in Morecambe. He was lovely and friendly and not at all goit-like. He gave me a hug and I refrained from licking him. I just wish I hadn’t been such a nervous wreck and had been able to form actual full sentences. Maybe next time 🙂

Thank you Chris for being charming and wonderful x

Be happy and keep smiling Smeg Heads!


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