Make it a good dash

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The Dash – Written by Linda Ellis



I recently came across this poem by Linda Ellis and it made me think.

It made me think about how my life will be remembered, how it will be represented or how anyone’s life is represented and remembered.

On your gravestone it will read:


                       In loving memory of
                                     [Insert name here]
                                         Blah blah blah
    Born 19th of December 1947 – Died 21st of January 2001

Although gravestones are slowly becoming a thing of the past there will still be a memorial stone or something that gives your year of birth and year of death.

That dash in between those years is your life, everything you have ever thought, said, done, everywhere you have visited, every person you have met. It is represented by a dash.

If my life is to be represented by a dash I’m sure as hell going to make it the most amazing dash that there ever was.

Of all the things that I have achieved, the places I have visited, the things I have seen. I do not want the day I was born and the day I die to be the only stand out facts.

Make your life as exciting as you want it to be, be brave, take chances, go on adventures. The hugeness of them is all relative to you. Your adventure doesn’t have to be Kilimanjaro sized, it can be asking out the person that you have a crush on or learning a new skill.

All I ask is that you don’t waste this enormous coincidence that is your life!


As it happens I’m not even going to have a gravestone because I’m not going to have a grave. Chris and I are going to be ‘planted’ in pods and grown in to trees. The trees will then be manipulated as they grow to intertwine around each other so that we’ll be eternally hugging 🙂 ∞




Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing 🙂


Be happy, keep smiling and make the dash count 😀 


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