‘All I want for Christmas…’





What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?”


My answer to that would quite simply be, nothing 🙂

I’m trying to make my life as easy and simple as possible. My brain holds on to trauma and stress as though it’s oxygen, therefore I am looking to control other things that are not needed.

My thought process is along the lines of ‘less stuff, less stress‘.

One of the things that takes up my precious life time (that’s time I spend having a life) is tidying up and cleaning. The less stuff I have, the less tidying and cleaning that needs to be done. This in turn gives me lots of time to focus on fun stuff!

This brings me to the sole intention for today’ post.

Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful or mean but I really don’t want birthday or Christmas presents. This isn’t one of those “girl things” where I say,

Oh no please don’t buy me anything, there really isn’t anything I need

And then when my birthday comes round and I’m present-less I’m all like.

Oh my god!! I can’t believe so and so didn’t buy me a present after I made it blatantly obvious that I wanted one by telling them I didn’t want one

This isn’t that, this is me making it clear to certain people (Hayley) that I don’t want presents. (And Hayley if you buy me something that I don’t need, I won’t hesitate to sell it, on Facebook, in front of your face!)

This isn’t a ploy for me to get out of buying anyone else presents neither, I’ll happily buy other people some crap they don’t need 😉

Please don’t ever feel the need to buy me a present or even a card, just wish me Happy Birthday on Facebook. If you do feel the over whelming urge to buy me something, because you just can’t let it go then mosey on over to my Amazon Wish List. Be warned though some of these items may be incredibly boring.

And before you start with the ‘oh well you say you don’t want presents but you have a wish list‘, that’s because I use it for things I need, practical, useful things 😛

Otherwise please just donate what you would have spent to a charity, preferably Mind, the mental health charity 🙂

Thank you, you lovely present giving people xx



I know it’s only September but the C word will be here before you know it and people will bankrupt themselves to buy piles of presents that their children won’t appreciate. I thought I would show you this article featuring the outrageous pile of presents that this woman bought for her children, partner and Mum. She spent nearly £2000 on presents, granted she spread this cost over the year and didn’t land herself in debt but still, nobody needs this. It’s frivolous and unnecessary.

(This blog post was originally posted in September 2017)



Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Stop planning, start doing 🙂


Be happy and keep smiling  (after all, it’s nearly Christmas) 😀

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