My study journey


As I am nearing the last module for my degree with the Open University, I thought I would jot down some of my wonderingments regarding my study journey.

I didn’t enjoy school very much it was mean and my teachers had no faith in me, so I had no faith in me. ( There was one teacher who had faith, my biology teacher, whose name evades me right now, she was wonderful). I left school with appalling exam results and absolutely zero plans for my future.

I drifted aimlessly for years, then I slowly began to find my love of learning. I love learning new things, I’ve always been scientifically minded so I decided I would go to college to do forensics.

I was 25, I had failed miserably at school and I hadn’t been in a classroom for over 10 years. I went in to college and met with one of the tutors, Andy Skepper, the only man I know who is more passionate about physics than Brian Cox. He was initially concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the work load and that I would struggle immensely. It soon became apparent that I could keep up and even go way beyond expectations.

I finished college with a triple distinction in Applied Science. Yay me!

Although this qualification hasn’t been put to good use by me, I am still extremely proud of my achievement.

I chose to study with the OU after college instead of a brick University, in order to still spend time with Christopher.

I stuck with science to start with and then slowly shifted towards the Arts and Archaeology. I then paid a two year visit to Creative Writing and Religion and now I’ve gone full circle and I’m back round to science.

I start my final module in October, after three assignments and an exam I’ll be done. I’ll have studied with the OU for 8 years. In that time I could have squeezed in a couple of PhD’s!

Saying that I could have also sat on my a**e doing nothing too.

I don’t have a plan anymore. I’m not studying towards a career or a job. I am studying for my own self indulgence. I already know where I’m going and what I’m doing with my life and anything I learn or obtain along side will just be a bonus.

I’ve made some great friends through the OU and I have learnt so much, and not always academically, I’ve learnt so much about myself. I have gained such resilience and determination. It’s not been easy to come home from work and then study for the rest of the night, get assignments finished along side working, being a Mum and keeping a house in order and also trying to have a life.

It’s been bloody hard work but I have enjoyed most of it. Some of it I have absolutely despised. I have laughed with fellow students, cried in to my study books, I’ve had huge moments of self doubt and I have switched modules so many times but the end is in sight and it  looks great ♥

Wish me luck! x

Be happy and keep studying.


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