Do you speak Klingon?

Star Trek: Discovery

I got to that point last night where I had run out of BBC iPlayer things to watch and Netflix had been spouting out a load of crap recently so I was left with silence through my ear phones whilst I navigated other things around the web until Chris suggested the new Star Trek series…

giphy (1)

Now, I’d been forced to watch ‘Next Gen’ many moons ago and admittedly there are a few episodes that I enjoyed, years later I was tortured with an episode of ‘Enterprise’, the first episode of Enterprise, it was over and hour long! I honestly very nearly died of boredom, I couldn’t even tell you what happened, I remember the theme tune, that’s about it.

Of course I’ve seen the Chris Pine movies, for obvious reasons…

giphy (2) (I’ll just leave this here for no reason…)

Anyway, you could quite safely say that I am not a Trekkie.

It’s not very often that I pay full attention to a programme that I am “watching”. I’m usually checking Facebook, replying to emails, writing, blogging and texting at the same time.

I don’t really know what I was expecting, not much probably. I was all set to have another programme as background noise whilst I did 12,000 other things, only to have my plans scuppered by those bloody Klingons. I had to pay full attention so I could read the subtitles.

Note to self: Must learn Klingon.

By the time Captain and Commander had appeared on screen I was hooked, more than that, I was captivated. It was visually stunning, the opening credits were very 80’s, which is always a win in my book and we have some awesome kick-ass women on our screens, big tick for diversity!

I enjoyed it, the second episode seemed slightly weaker, although that could have just been my grumpiness kicking in because I was tired and didn’t realise at first that there was a second episode, then by that point I HAD to watch it just because…

So for now this will suffice to fill the ‘Game of Thrones’ size hole on a Monday evening but I might have to throw in some cake to make up for the lack of dragons, I know dragons have no place in Star Trek, completely different genres, I’m not stupid. But dragons 😦 Even our leopard gecko misses them.

Sorry, I digress.

To sum up, it was good. I’m unsure if I’ll make the full swap from Whovian to Trekkie, can I be both? A Whovekkie? Whovekkian? Trekkian? I don’t know, do you know? Do you care?


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