Return of the Jack

On the 26th of June 2017, my Mum, Jean Hames and Michael Jackson (No, not that one), adopted this cute little doggle from BARK rescue centre in Berwick upon Tweed. He was known as ‘Spot’ at BARK but Jean and Michael renamed the adorable Jack Russell, Jack.


At only 20 months old he was just a young, little rapscallion. He was welcomed in to the family and him and their other dog, Foxy, were soon the best of friends.

Jack is as crazy as he is cute. Being a Jack Russell he loves to chase after squirrels, foxes and just about anything that moves and anyone with this breed of dog will know that once they’ve set their sights on something they are gone.

Due to this, Jack had not yet quite mastered the art of recall and he was therefore kept firmly on a lead, two leads to be exact, just to give my Mum and Michael a better chance at catching him should he run off.

He had made a few successful escapes from the house and headed down in to the quarry at the end of the garden, however Michael had always been hot on his heels and brought him home.

One particular morning Jack decided that he didn’t want to go out for a walk, maybe something had spooked him, we’re not quite sure but he was determined to stay home. My Mum eventually coaxed him out of the house and her and the two dogs set off on the first walk of the day.

They had walked through the woodland area near to my Mum’s house and in to the park, it was at this point that Jack decided he had had enough of being shackled to his human and he wanted to be free.

Before my Mum could react he had shot off in to the trees and was gone. She called for him, whistled, searched but she couldn’t see him anywhere.

Michael joined my Mum, along with fellow dog walkers in the search for Jack, it soon became too dark to warrant any further searching and so they reluctantly returned home without squishy dog, Jack.

Foxy ran around the house looking for him and became confused if anyone mentioned his name. Facebook posts were made, along with missing posters, volunteers turned up from all around to look for the missing doggle.

My Mum was inundated with Facebook and text messages offering well wishes, support , advice and encouragement.

They were out all day every day looking for him, knowing he still had his leads on when he ran off, they guessed that he had probably become entangled somewhere and so they searched around fenced off fields, gardens and anywhere else he may have been caught.

After being missing for four days hope of him being found started to dwindle, if he wasn’t caught somewhere they hoped he would have returned home as they walk the same route every day.

A lady came with her sniffer dog to try and track him but to no avail. People continued to offer support and assistance but they didn’t really know what else to do.

My Mum decided that she needed someone to crawl in to undergrowth of the holly bushes as she was certain he was tangled somewhere in there.

Enter my son Christopher and Foxy the wonder dog!

They made their way back to where Jack had last been seen and Christopher and my Mum set to work scrambling through branches of holly and mounds of mud. Foxy disappeared off in to the huge holly bush and would not return when called, which is unusual for him. My Mum went to investigate only to be greeted by the little black face of Jack!

He had, as expected been tangled up in the branches by his lead. He was shivering and pretty soggy but so pleased to see familiar faces. I cannot imagine what he had been feeling, the poor little baby must have been terrified but he is home safe and sound now with his best friend Foxy.

They had walked past this same bush every day calling out for him, the only reason I can think of for him remaining silent is that he was scared and since the only thing they did differently this time round was to take Christopher with them, I’m giving him full recognition for the successful return of the Jack. Well done Christopher ♥

And thank you so much to everyone who contacted my Mum during this time. I know she didn’t get much sleep, if any, from worrying all week and she blamed herself for him going missing, which is totally stupid but that’s what she’s like.

So thank you again, everybody that phoned or messaged her or came out to help, it is very much appreciated and helps to restore faith in humanity ♥

Jack and Foxy

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