Northumberland: Day One


It’s always a treat to Visit Northumberland, there’s a feeling of relaxation as you make your way further North. It’s serene, calm.

The air is clear and you could be forgiven for thinking that could actually run in to a dragon at any given moment.

My Mum has a cottage in a small village just outside Berwick- Upon-Tweed and so I get to visit this incredible place at least once a year and it never gets old. There are beautiful fossil filled beaches, craggy coastlines and more castles than you can shake a stick at.

Our plan for this weekend away was to do pretty much nothing and eat lots of yummy food. And we were true to our plans.

Our first jaunt was to visit the Barn at Beal to indulge ourselves in fabulous food and some great views out across to Holy Island and beyond.

The tide was on our side after lunch, or not as the case may be. Se we drove out across the causeway to wander around the magical Holy Island.

Unfortunately Lindisfarne Castle is closed for renovations until April 2018 but there are loads more things to enjoy on this adventure filled island.

Although it only measures 3 miles East to West and 1.5 miles North to South, there are coves to explore, beaches to comb and tides to paddle in.

*Please remember that you are on a small island which is only accessible via a causeway, tide times can be found online. Be aware of your surroundings if paddling around Holy Island as you can quickly become stranded!*

Even though the castle is closed, the gardens and lime kilns are still open and the lime kilns are an excellent place to make up dragon stories!

You can also sample some warming Lindisfarne Mead at St.Aidans Winery and buy some delicious fudge at Pilgrims Fudge Kitchen and get a cup of coffee from the attentive, happy staff at Pilgrim’s Coffee House.

After our indulgent day we headed back to the cottage for a cup of tea and some much needed sleep.

Holy Island Info


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