Northumberland Day Two


It just so happened that our weekend away fell on the same weekend as my boyfriend’s Mum’s birthday and she happened to be with us. It was therefore only fitting that we should eat cake…

Let there be so much cake!

The Corner House Cafe is most definitely the place you need to go for that much needed afternoon tea fix if you’re in the Berwick-Upon-Tweed area.

The scones here are Mary-Berry-worthy and you get so much of everything! With scones, sandwiches, quiche and cakes there was too much for one sitting, so we had it packed up and took it home for later.


There are lots of little streets to explore in Berwick, a fascinating history to learn about, such as the town switching hands between England and Scotland 14 times and there’s always the city walls to investigate.

With cakes scoffed, shops scoured and walls walked we headed back to the cottage to collect the doggle and proceeded to hike down to Spittal beach.

We ended up getting rather soggy and had a terrifying experience with a field of cows. The only thing that kept us going was the thought of our afternoon tea leftovers waiting for us back at the cottage. We put on brave faces and navigated our way through the mooing mayhem.

Another glorious day spent in the magical land that is North of the Humber.


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