Northumberland Day Three

Our third and final day.

Seahouses was on the agenda today. My Uncle John and Aunty Janet were up this way for a short break so we called to see them.

A visit to Seahouses wouldn’t be complete without some delicious fish and chips. We usually get ours from the main restaurant near the roundabout but we opted for Lewis’ this time, just around the corner from the National Trust shop. They were unbelievable, definitely in my top five of fish and chips and the staff were really friendly too.

We spent a couple of hours with my Uncle and Aunt at their rented holiday cottage, devoured our fish and chips and spent an enjoyable journey back towards ‘home’ passing by the imposing Bamburgh castle and drove up alongside Budle Bay. The scenery around these parts is magnificent and it doesn’t even have to be warm and sunny to enjoy it, it’s just as breath taking when it’s cloudy and raining.


Our final afternoon in Northumberland was enjoyed at Cocklawburn Beach. When the tide is out this beach offers you a wonderful little trove of treasures. I found starfish, hermit crabs and crayfish. I adore being near the sea and I really don’t make enough time to visit it, something which I plan to change very soon. It’s not as though I’m a million miles away from it, I could be there under 2 hours either side of where I live.

Anyway, Cocklawburn Beach is a quiet little cove with adventure written all over it and should be on your list on things to do when you’re planning your trip to Northumberland.

Three days is not enough time to spend up here, all the time in the world isn’t enough. There are lots of little villages to discover, beaches and coves just waiting for you to visit them and dragons to find!

We finished off our weekend with a quick re-visit to the Barn at Beal, we were leaving early the next morning so it only seemed right to have our breakfast there. Once again they did not disappoint. Delicious breakfast and wonderful staff and of course we had to purchase cakes for the ride home 🙂


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