“Do you have a plan?”



“I don’t even have a pla…”



I love making plans! In fact I love the planning more than the doing. I get excited about all of these wonderful things I’m going to do, then my anxiety kicks in and I freak out.

Well it can sod off.

I’m busy this year and anxiety can just kiss my ass.

And yes I have made a plan of things for each month, judge me all you want, I don’t care. I’m a loser.

Plans are exciting and they might not always work out the way you envisage and that doesn’t matter, the point is you are mapping out a future for yourself. Also as much as I like planning I also LOVE being spontaneous. You are allowed to like both! You’re allowed to do whatever the hell you want to do (as long as it’s legal and you don’t hurt anyone.)

I’ve picked one thing for each month of the year and if that’s all I do that month I’ll be happy!

January – Nothing, I have taken it upon myself to do nothing all month.

February – I am starting on my second book!

March – Holiday!

April –  Well this month was going to be reserved for scarring my body for life apparently but Hayley thinks we should do this sooner…so technically I don’t have anything for April. So we’ll have to think of something else.

May – Yorkshire Three Peaks.

June – Exam time!

July – Finish book.

August – Totally selfless day; feed the homeless, give something meaningful away to someone who would benefit from it more than you.

September – Selfish day to make up for the fact that you were so nice last month. And my book launch.

October –  Dimension Jump!

November – November is still out… Suggestions welcome…

December – Panto!


Also here’s a list of random things that I want to do between now and the day I die, which could be tomorrow, you just never know. Some of these things I’ve done before and I want to do them again, lots. Most of them have just come from a single thought whilst day dreaming. They are things that make up a life, that bring joy and peace. And that’s all I really want…and so much laughter!


My Life List


  • Swimming in the sea at every opportunity.
  • Random drives to the seaside.
  • Random drives to the Dales.
  • Random sleepovers.
  • Drives out to nowhere.
  • Midnight drives.
  • Sunday reading.
  • Run. Like Forrest
  • Walk forever.
  • Dye my hair.
  • Wear what I want everyday.
  • Say how I feel, always.
  • Love everything.
  • Hug everyone.
  • Eat.
  • Ride the roller-coasters.
  • Say yes.
  • Say no.
  • Embrace the world.
  • Dream bigger than ever before.
  • Sit on a car bonnet next to the Hollywood sign.
  • Nevada desert star gazing.
  • Ride a horse.
  • Feed homeless people.
  • Get a secret tattoo.
  • Be terrified, temporarily.
  • Shoot a gun.
  • Invent a drink.
  • Fake my own kidnapping.
  • Take too many pictures.
  • Sing.
  • Paint.
  • Be brave.
  • Smile.

This list will just continue to get bigger and bigger and as much as it freaks me out that I won’t actually finish the never ending list of awesome, I love that there’s so much out there to do and see and think and feel ♥


Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re not good enough. 

Follow your dreams right now! Don’t wait until tomorrow, 

next week, next year. Do it now! 🙂


Published by Kate

I write, therefore I am. I spend my days writing, wondering what to write, being creative and generally being awesome 😊 Welcome to my world, won't you come on in? xx

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