That’s your advice? Really…?

I see these really annoying posts all of the time on social media, generally Facebook. They are sponsored posts usually advertising to me because a friend of mine likes their page… Well, I haven’t liked your page so I don’t want to see your stupid article… anyway, the ones that really rile me are usually along the lines of…

10 reasons why your relationship is failing‘.

10 ways to stop your relationship from failing‘.

Follow these 10 simple rules to save your failing relationship‘.

Right, I get it, the relationship market is a big seller, nobody wants to be alone, nobody wants to be a failure, so they will click your little click bait article because they find themselves in this relatable situation but your reasons for the failed relationship are stupid and quite frankly, obvious!

Example of said article.

Here is a (glaringly obvious) reason why your relationship may have issues!

If your partner did something years ago that caused a colossal argument between you both, almost causing you to break up, then don’t mention it every time you have a fallout

Oh, really Sherlock? Well, thanks for that riveting piece of advice. I never thought of that… please, what other rare nuggets of information can you give me?

If you don’t want to spend time with your partner then there are probably some issues that need addressing


Look, I’m not professing to be an expert, far from it! I have managed to get things supremely wrong and made huge mistakes but some things are just obvious, aren’t they?

With that in my mind, I can present to you all the relationship advice you will ever need…probably 😉

Here are my top 5 pieces of advice…

  1. Be honest.

  2. Don’t cheat.

  3. Don’t lie.

  4. Be fair.

  5. And don’t be a douche.

I think that basically covers all bases and simplifies it a little too much. I may have said in the past that relationships shouldn’t be hard work and I do stand by that but they are complicated and they will need some work investing in them but it’s that good kind of work, like when you feel knackered at the end of a hard day but it’s a good knackered, it’s satisfying, you’ve earned your rest.

You feel like you’ve done something worthwhile. And that’s how I look at my relationship, it’s not perfect but it’s worthwhile, it needed some work doing on it, so we fixed it together and now it’s shaping up to be pretty bloody awesome!

So, there you go!

Have a fabulous day, talk, smile, be happy x

I believe in practicing prudence at least once every two or three years. – Molly Ivins


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