My weekend with the Mothers.

I spent the weekend in Wragby, Lincolnshire, with my Mother Goose and my Mother-Outlaw. And it was wonderful! We did so many of the things.

Friday night was rather relaxed and mainly consisted of eating some food and going to bed because that’s how rock ‘n’ roll we are… oh we had Prosecco! That’s always rather nice.


Saturday, however, was a whole different kind of story!

We visited Bolingbroke Castle, in Bolingbroke, funnily enough. I had Googled some dog friendly places as we had Foxle Doggle with us aka Foxo Stuffing aka Foxy the Dog.

Here is dog…


Bolingbroke Castle is an adorable little place to explore, it’s open all year round, weather permitting. It’s surrounded by a moat, so be careful with the offspring types. It’s not a huge area so it won’t take your entire day up if the weather’s nice it could be quite pleasant to take a picnic or there’s a pub just across the way, The Black Horse.

We called in here for a small refreshment, we didn’t order food and I don’t think their menu is too extensive, to be honest. They do have a cosy beer garden though.

The remaining ruins that stand in Bolingbroke now were excavated as part of an archaeological dig. Some parts of the castle have actually been reburied in order to preserve them, which is very cool. There are lots of little information boards dotted around for the historian within you, I honestly cannot remember anything of interest because my brain refuses to retain information. Wait… Henry IV was born here and it was never a Royal residence..but don’t quote me on that.

We had lunch in Horncastle at The Shcool House Coffee Bar, it was very yummy. I had Brie and Pancetta on a brioche bun, (something which I have recently recreated at home, sort of… okay, it was bacon and cheese on a brioche, not quite the same standard but it was still yummy!) And the Mother Goose had falafel salad šŸ™‚


On Saturday we had a drive out to Willingham Woods, they have lots of different trails for you to follow and a huge open area for picnics, cartwheels, and general frolicking.



The Mama’s


Now for some strange reason, I can’t seem to visit my Mother in Law without calling in at The Chocolate Drop. The Chocolate Drop is quite hidden away from the world and if you’re not actually looking for it you will probably miss it. It’s just around the corner from Willingham Woods, on an industrial estate.

Every time I’ve visited I’ve been forced (ha) to try lots of different flavours of chocolate, this time it was chilli and ginger, it was a little bit too hot for my liking. I also tried rice milk, this was really nice and it’s a great alternative to milk chocolate, especially for children who might be lactose intolerant and don’t like dark chocolate.

We grabbed some bags of goodies, had an ice cream and sat outside enjoying the sunshine.

(There is also an adorable little doggle who lives there, just another reason to go visit.)



What a lovely weekend! Thank you for having us, Bridget x


Can I also just share with you the difference between my luggage for the weekend my Mum’s…




‘When life’s problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate’ Ann Landers

( I don’t really like this quote because it is the most unhelpful advice you can ever give, your problems are relevant to you and they may well be huge problems to you but to someone else, they might seem small. That doesn’t matter though, it’s all relative. If you’re not dealing with something very well, no matter how small it may seem to theirs, it’s fine, you’ll work through it in your own time.) (I shared the quote because it was the next one in the pile of quotes…)



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