A totally pointless blog post…


Alphabet Films…

abc books chalk chalkboard
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I had a thought about a blog post, it turns out it wasn’t the best idea but I’m not one to quit so here is my rubbish blog post idea…

I don’t even know where I was going with it. Basically, I took the alphabet and thought what can I list? So I listed a load of films, it was going to be my favourite films but I wasn’t allowed to use Google, I had to just quickly list them, straight away, one after another. (These were my own rules, this isn’t some kind of weird alphabet game.) And it was kind of tone of those things where someone says to think of a colour but not red, then all you can think of is red. So, here goes…


A. Aliens

B. Back to the Future

C. Casino

D. Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s dead

E. Evolution

F. Ferngully

G. Goodfellas*

H. Hansel and Gretel

I. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

J. Jurassic Park

K. King Kong

L. Labyrinth

M. Monster House

N. Narnia

O. Oliver and Co.

P. Paul

Q. Quadrophenia

R. Reservoir Dogs

S. Sleepless in Seattle

T. Titanic

U. Up

V. V for Vendetta

W. Willy Wonka

X. X-Men

Y. Yes Man

Z. Zoolander

I’m actually slightly undecided by a couple of them… I’m fairly sure there isn’t a film just called Narnia or Willy Wonka. I’m still not googling them. I have shown great restraint here, I Google EVERYTHING! Seriously, I don’t even know how I coped before Google existed, I must have just let things go a hell of a lot easier than I do now. Thanks, Google, you’ve turned me into a needy information needer!


This was basically just me word vomiting films…

*Happy now, Behind the Geek?


‘I believe how I act today will affect the way I am tomorrow’ – Katharine Hepburn


2 thoughts on “A totally pointless blog post…

    1. Thanks Mama. Some letters annoyed me, especially S. Although I don’t mind Sleepless in Seattle, it’s not my favourite S film..

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