If you’re going through hell…

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‘If you’re going through hell my dear, just keep going’.*

Do not stop to dwell on your surroundings. Your current hell is not where you belong, a beautiful paradise is waiting for you.

And although the perfection that awaits will ultimately fade and your hell will rear its ugly head once more, just remember that each time you come out of the other side you have grown, changed and rebuilt a little bit more your soul.

You have become stronger, in body, mind and spirit.

These times will build you up into the most incredible person, equipped to deal with the hell and high water that life throws your way.

And make no mistake, I am always right by your side to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on and even to just sit with you when there simply are no words left to say.

* This quote has been attributed to Winston Churchill but there are no definitive sources for this, therefore I cannot say for definite where it comes from. The rest of the words written here are my own.




If you don’t yet know how I feel about you, that’s a failing on my part, not yours.


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