Phantom Finders…

Phantom Finders Events are a paranormal investigation team based in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire is a particular hot bed for paranormal activity, it seems as though there has been a heck of a lot of stuff going down in this awesome part of the world over the years… or maybe we’re just situated over the hell mouth?

Whatever the reason for all of the haunted houses it gives us something awesome to do on a weekend!

Our events are purely research-based, we go and investigate places that have had possible paranormal sightings or where people have experienced things of a ghostly nature.

We visit venues that have been subjected to ethereal visitors, unexplained circumstances and generally ‘things that go bump’ in the night!

The team is made up of two highly experienced mediums, a research assistant and various volunteers. We’re always on the lookout for new places to investigate (in the Yorkshire area for now) so if you have anywhere in mind please feel free to get in touch.

We are not all firm believers neither, as strange as that may seem, our mediums are quite obviously certain that ghost, spirits etc are real and they want to make contact with us for whatever reason. They believe this because they have seen and heard things that have no other explanation.

Other members of our team are yet to experience what they would class as definitive proof. And that is fine! It’s always good to have sceptics on board, you do not have to have a firm belief in other worlds, ghosts, spirits, or an afterlife. All we ask is that you’re open-minded.

What happens on an event?

Basically, the evening starts with a brief overview of the venue, a little bit of history. One of our mediums will then perform a protection spell before we split off into groups and spend some time in specific rooms.

In these rooms, we will either make use of some of our equipment, dowsing rods, EMF meters, pendulums, Ouija boards (if we have permission) or we will focus on ‘calling out’. The rooms we choose will depend on where energy is most felt and how the mediums feel about the venue in general.

We will never tell you that we will definitely experience some sort of activity, we can not predict these things. (Mediums aren’t fortune tellers, otherwise, we’d be lottery winners!)

Our events are for research and investigation and we will never set anything up to scare anyone, we’re not a scare attraction and we do not use actors for any purposes at our events.

We have some fantastic events lined up this year and our first one is on the 11th of May at Armley Mills in Leeds. Early bird tickets are available now!

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