Who is Chris.A.Turnbull?

Ahhh Chris Turnbull the fabulous author who adores Whitby and who makes everyone feel at ease with his infectious smile. I once had a dream where I sacrificed a goat in his oven.. and no that isn’t a euphemism…

Chris Turnbull was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, before moving to Leeds with his family. He grew up with a younger brother and they were always, surrounded by pets, from dogs, cats, rabbits and birds…the list goes on.

In 2012 Chris married his long term partner, since then he has relocated to the outskirts of York where they bought and renovated their first home together.

Chris now enjoys full-time employment at the University of York and spends as much of his free time as possible writing, reading, walking his Jack Russell, Olly, and travelling as much as possible.

Chris describes himself as a ‘Multi-Genre’ author as his books are all quite different…however what ties them all together is Chris’ fascination with the past, and he loves nothing more than researching days gone by so his stories can be set in a realist take on the particular time in history in which the story is set.

As always when I invite the awesome people onto my blog they have to answer some fun questions!

1. Do you have a favourite pair of socks?  No, in fact, I actually don’t like socks at all. I’m usually found around the house and garden barefoot. When I have to wear socks (with trainers/shoes for going out) I tend to stick with trainer socks are they feel less restrictive to me…but as soon as I am home they are straight off again.

2. I have an elephant for you, where will you hide it?! Hide it?…never, I would let it roam in my garden and it can be part of the family. If hiding is necessary then I would put a marquee up for it to hide in, and pretend we are simply having a party.

3. What can you smell right now? Its morning and I have a nice cup of tea which smells lovely, and Olly the Jack Russell asleep on my knee (who doesn’t smell).

4. The zombies are right outside your door, your weapon is whatever is to the left of you. What is it? I am sat in my office and I have a Gryffindor sword to the left of me next to all my other Harry Potter memorabilia, and that will probably be better to use than my Elder Wand.  

5. Death by Dalek or Cyberman? Okay, I have to confess I am not a Doctor Who fan (sorry)… Having never seen it before I tried to give it a go when David Tennent too on the role as I liked him, and I actually liked many of his assistants including Billie Piper, Catherine Tate and Kylie (and of course John Barrowman popping up from time to time), but sadly I just could not get into it at all. Saying that however, one of my favourite shows ever is Torchwood (still not over Ianto) and have been a huge fan of that since the first series – so with that in mind I will pick death by Cyberman.

6. Is the answer to this question no? Always 😉

7. What would you like engraved on your tombstone…? Good question, and something I think people should really consider. Who wants a boring factual stone, when you could insert a bit of your personality into it – mine would say: ‘Chris Turnbull is currently off exploring the afterlife, please leave a message and he may listen to it later.’

Keep up to date with Chris here: 

AMAZON UK: https://goo.gl/lmV7Qg
AMAZON US: https://goo.gl/nfML4O

Chris will also be attending UK Indie Lit Fest 2019, find out more about that here.

‘Nobody has ever drowned in his own sweat’ – Ann Landers


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One thought on “Who is Chris.A.Turnbull?

  1. I enjoyed reading that possibly because I have met him and I have one of his books-A Home for Emy- and I love Whitby. xx

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