What are you talking about?

I often wonder if people are aware of the things they are saying or if they just talk for the sake of it. Small talk sucks ass. The weather is boring. I don’t care what’s happening on Coronation Street and I have zero interest in football, even when England are playing…! (Which is a big deal, apparently…)
Silence can be rewarding. I don’t know if this is true but I’ve heard it being used as a tactic to get people to talk, like in an interrogation situation. People love to fill silences!
They can’t help themselves, they’re scared of silence. So, if you leave it long enough the other person will most likely start spilling their guts, eventually. Unless of course they read this and are now aware of this tactic… or they’re a psychopath… two very unlikely things, but not impossible.
I am guilty of it, I’m sure. I will chit-chat with people to be polite, but it’s not something I’m good at or navigate towards. Don’t get me wrong, I like to talk, check out my YouTube, you’ll see I can ramble for days, in fact much of my blogging time is going off on a tangent… however, I do tend to end up at some sort of point. It may not have been where my original point should have been but we’ll see how this goes…

The process for this post was basically that I had some notes that I’d scribbled from a overheard conversation… I believe this to be a normal thing for a writer to do; they observe and use.

I happened to be walking behind a family, I was on my own and was absentmindedly listening to them. Here’s snippets of what I picked up…

Person 1: “Where do Hobbits actually come from?”
Person 1: “Do they all have small feet?”
Person 1: “Isn’t that Sam guy American?”
Person 2: “Yes he puts on an accent”
Person 1: “Oh, that’s proper acting that isn’t it?”
Person 1: “Wash your penis”

Unfortunately, at this point the crowd of people had grown bigger and their conversation dissipated into everyone else’s. So I suppose we will never know if he washed his penis, why he was being told to wash his penis and what that had to do with Lord of the Rings…
I have had that conversation written in the notes of my phone for about 3 years, for no reason other than it being odd to me. And frankly it takes a lot for me to find something to be odd.
It’s niggled at me to the point of me now having to create a blog post to finally get it out of my system. After I’ve published this I’ll probably never think about it again. And for the most part that is why I write about things. They might not always make sense to the reader and that’s okay. My blog is mainly for me. Sometimes it does serve a greater purpose and will give advice, help and guidance.
Other times, such as now, it will be me emptying my overloaded brain on to the internet.
Think of it as a weird insight into my brain, or I’ve given you permission to read my diary, if I had one.

It’s safe to say that this is one of those non-nonsensical posts that has no deeper meaning, there are no little nuggets of life changing advice, other than don’t discuss penis washing in public… I feel like that’s something I don’t really need to point out. I am fairly certain that she didn’t actually say that. And if she didn’t say that, what did she say and why did my brain interpret it as that and what does that say about me?
Writing this out has maybe raised more questions than it has answered. Is there a LOTR connection that I’ve missed?

“I suppose you can’t have everything, though my instinctive response to this sentiment is always, ‘why not?'” – Margaret Halsey


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