Who has time for this s**t?

Who on earth has the time to fit every single piece of ‘advice’ into their every day lives?

Can you imagine fitting all of it into one day, every day, forever?

5 pieces of fruit and veg
8 hours of sleep,
30 minutes exercise,
all the water,
life in general,

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

Let’s break this down and see if it is at all possible…

Okay, let’s say, for arguments sake, you get up at 6.30 am and you workout for half an hour.
7 am – shower, teeth etc.
(Also, taking in to account that some people take way longer than others to get ready. I’m basing this off me. My ‘getting ready’ consists of moisturising, deodorant and getting dressed! That’s me done.)
7.30 am – You have your healthy breakfast which includes one or more of your ‘5 a day’.
And the first of your daily water intake… (which is around 2.7 litres).
8 am – You head off to work for a 8.30/9 am start and you’re there for around 8-9 hours.
(again, this obviously differs from person to person. I don’t work more than 6 hours a day, and that’s a busy day, and still I find it hard to fit all of this in!)
12.30 pm – You have another of your ‘5 a day’ with lunch and some more of your water.
6 pm – Get home around 6 pm.
You have a bath (your relaxation time?)
7.30 pm – You cook and eat tea.
8.30 pm – Here’s where you can meditate and maybe throw in a quick bit of housework, socialise, speak to your family and have a life until around 10.30 pm, which is when you have to go to sleep in order to get 8 hours of sleep before you’re up at 6.30 am to start allover again!

While I can see that this might actually be the norm for some, this would drive me nuts! The thought of trying to fit all of this into my life causes me so much anxiety and I’m self employed, so I get to choose my hours of work and they get nowhere near 8 hours a day!

I think the only way this type of life works is if you’re single, or live with a partner who has a very similar work pattern to you. If you have kids you can forget it!
I’m sure there are some unicorn people out there who live this life and have kids, but for all the ‘regular’ people it’s slightly too much to ask…

The logistics of getting a household to adhere to this routine are a nightmare. I could certainly stick to it if I lived alone but not when there are 2 other people to consider. You have different peoples schedules to take into account, plus other ‘life’ things;
Appointments, illness, mishaps, world domination plans, hiding the bodies… there’s a whole mess of crap to consider!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

I think the best we can hope for is to make sure you’re showered, fed and watered. Maybe get a bath with a glass of wine, read a book, have sex, watch some T.V…
Just keep yourself sane. Don’t overwhelm yourself with ideologies of the ‘perfect life’. Or read too much into what you should be doing.
Keep yourself healthy and happy.
Sometimes we want to eat the whole damn packet of cookies! Or eat cereal for tea! And that’s okay!
Try to not compare yourself to others, nobody is perfect. And their ‘Instagram life’ is most certainly not their real life.
We’re all just hurtling through space not knowing what the f**k we’re doing. So, if you’re happy with how you’re doing things, and you’re not hurting anyone, then carry on.

Peace mother f**kers!

The woman who can create her own job is the one who will win fame and fortune. – Amelia Earhart


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