40 things before 40

Yes, I’m nearly 40! How has this happened? I still feel 18. I remember being 18 and thinking that 40 was REALLY old… and it REALLY isn’t! However, I do wake up most mornings in pain and everything hurts pretty much all the time… so Brian knows what I’ll be like at 80…

Anyway, I like a challenge and I like to know I’m doing something. So, I have just less than 4 years before I’m 40 and in those 4 years I will doing some stuff! Feast your eyes upon this stuff….

I can’t do everything but I can do anything

  1. Volunteer my time! This is something I have (hopefully) set in motion with Teech. Their mission statement; ‘Our vision is to improve the lives of those in Eastern Europe, who by no fault of their own are living in conditions not seen in Western Europe since before the war.’
  2. Flying lesson. The more I think about this one, the more terrified I am of it! This will be in a helicopter!
  3. Learn to play an instrument. This will either be the keyboard or ukulele, as we already have both of those…and it may well be that I learn ‘A’ song and not kid myself into thinking I can be a professional ukulele player…
  4. Grown my own veg. Kind of self explanatory!
  5. Complete a reading challenge. Already on with this. I am aiming for a book a month for a year!
  6. Sing on a soundtrack. I want to be involved with a soundtrack,preferably a film… no idea how to go about this.. but let’s see what happens 🤣
  7. Run a marathon. I am going to assume that 2 half marathons is acceptable. Hey” My game, my rules…
  8. Get the lead in a film. Speaks for itself…
  9. Learn a language. I am currently learning Spanish, French and Czech!
  10. Sleep under the stars. So, no tent, just me and the great outdoors!
  11. Letter to myself about turning 40. A way to reflect on my 30’s and look forward to my 40’s.
  12. Swim with sharks. I am not entirely sure about this one… if I can find somewhere that is for conservation and not just a tourist attraction, then definitely, but otherwise I will have to change this one.
  13. Perfect push-ups. I have major issues with my shoulders, but I am definitely going to give this a go!
  14. Go sailing. I’m actually surprised I’ve never done this before! But this will probably feature in with a weekend of wild swimming, wild camping etc…
  15. Wild swimming. I take this to mean a river or a lake and not the sea… I may be mistaken!
  16. Wild camping. As in no facilities… no shower block etc! Take a camping stove!
  17. Boudoir photo shoot.
  18. Drink absinthe.
  19. Spend the day in bed. Obviously this would not be due to illness… just spending an entire day in bed, watching movies and eating pizza probably!
  20. Watch the sunrise from a mountain top.
  21. Produce a stage production.
  22. Go on a barge.
  23. Coast to coast trail. I’ve been looking into this one recently and it’s pretty expensive, so I’ll have to get saving those pennies!
  24. Bake a cake without a recipe.
  25. Learn to dive. I have been scuba diving, many, many years ago and I loved it! So, it would be nice to get a proper certification for it.
  26. Skiing.
  27. Go to a drive-in movie.
  28. Go to the opera.
  29. Get a tattoo.
  30. Shower under a waterfall.
  31. Go paddle boarding.
  32. Meet a penguin.
  33. Follow a Bob Ross tutorial.
  34. Have a big party!
  35. Eat a baked Alaska.
  36. Eat at a really fancy restaurant.
  37. Sell a piece of art.
  38. Random acts of kindness.
  39. Movie marathon day.
  40. Treat myself to something extravagant!

So here it is! I am excited to get cracking. And if anyone has any way they might be able to help or offer advice on anything in my list, then please feel free to get in touch!

“Borrowed thoughts, like borrowed money, only show the poverty of the borrower” – Margaret, Countess of Blessington.


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