Interview with the artist..(they’re like vampires right?)

Art by PMW


Paul is very much the Benedict Cumberbatch of the art world. Not conventionally good looking but there’s something strangely alluring about him…

I stumbled across Paul completely by accident about a year ago. He made a hilarious comment in regards to something that Radio 2 had posted and I thought,

“Well this guy is obviously going places one day, lets check out who he is”

And that is how I inadvertently found his art page. Sounds a bit stalkery, probably is, but I’m helping to promote him so he can’t really complain.

More recently I made an equally hilarious comment on his page and Paul seemed to think it was acceptable to start stalking me…so in true saint-like fashion I promised to let him feature on my blog, if only to stop the begging!

This guy is talent personified.

He not only draws and sketches beautiful pictures of darling little animals but he manages to capture the unique personalities of each of these adorable creatures.

For instance check out James here, (I named him James) this drawing doesn’t just say ‘duck’, it says “Hey, I’m James-the-not-guilty Mallard and you will adore me”


Paul’s marvellous creations can be perused on his Facebook page – Art by PMW also check out his Etsy store where his sketches are available to purchase as beautiful greetings cards.

Paul was kind enough to answer some really important questions for me, the kind of things we’re all dying to know about a person, the really deep stuff that’s usually only reserved for your journal entry…

1. How much would I have to pay you to hug a scorpion?
2. I’ve given you an elephant, where do you hide it?
3. Describe the colour blue to a blind person.
4. What sound(s) can you hear right now?
5. I’ve “borrowed” the TARDIS, where are we going?
6. Why are the FBI knocking at your door?
7. Where have all the cowboys gone?

1. Not as much as what you would have to pay to get me to appear on a reality TV show.
2. In the giraffe enclosure.
3. OK. Well, first I’d need to explain light and dark. You know when you have the radio on and you think, ‘Hmm, it’s a bit quiet’, so you turn it all the way up and it’s really loud? Well light and dark is the optical equivalent of that. Blue is kind of just loud enough but colder.
Actually I’ve just thought. You know a blind person and a deaf person would have a lot of trouble trying to communicate? I suppose one could lip read and one could sign, but then how do you teach a blind person how to sign? I mean, they could both learn braile, but then who communicates that idea? This is a silly question and I refuse to answer it.
4. Traffic on the dual carriageway nearby, the hum of my laptop, the neighbour’s karaoke and my shoe hitting the wall.
5. Prison I expect, but in a cell that looks larger from the outside. They’d pass me around like currency in there. I would eventually escape through a wormhole or good behaviour or something.
6. My doorbell isn’t working.
7. Plumbing school.

Thank you Paul, it’s definitely been an experience…

You can contact Paul for further information, commissions or just to tell him how awesome he is via his Facebook page.


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