The build of anticipation as you tentatively ease that little red straw from the tube of marble doom!  Who didn’t love playing Kerplunk as a kid?

It was always the game of choice on rainy afternoons when I was visiting my Nana and Grandad, which was practically every day because we live in England and they almost lived in the same house as us.

For anyone who doesn’t know (have you been living under a rock?). Kerplunk was a terrifying game for people with nerves of steel. You had two plastic compartments, one would sit in a stand, that had four trays, numbered 1 – 4. The other sat on the top and had loads of tiny holes around in. The game came with loads of evil, sharp, plastic straw-like thing that you had to stick through the tiny holes at different angles to form a barrier. You then poured the bag of marbles, that are included, on to the barrier, praying to some unknown god that they would hold up until the straw/stick pulling process began!

You then simply take it in turns, youngest first, to pull the sticks out, in an orderly fashion and watch the mayhem commence!

If this is a tad too low key for you, you could always introduce alcohol, it’s much more fun that way. Then for every marble that drops in to your allocated tray you have to sip, shot or down a drink, your choice. Knock yourself out, go crazy! We like to call this version “Drunk Kerplunk”



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