Dr Who

doctor who

Give him a day where everybody lives!

This post contains spoilers sweetie!

Do you remember that first spark of excitement you felt when you heard those fantastic words? “I’m The Doctor. Run”!

The same excitement when ‘Bad Wolf’ was appearing every where and you just knew the connection was going to be so exciting that you couldn’t keep still on the sofa, you were jumping up and down and the not knowing where this was heading was killing you, but you knew it was going to be brilliant!

I cannot convey the emotions I feel when Rose stares in to the heart of the TARDIS and ‘brings life’. I can feel it coursing through her and I can feel the anguish from The Doctor when he sees her and he knows and we know, but poor, sweet innocent Rose hasn’t the faintest idea what she has done. Then he tells her how fantastic she’s been and you wish you were standing there with them in that little blue box being told how fantastic you were.

These special little moments have been the making of the whole reboot. When the Doctor and Rose see Gwen at Torchwood and ask her if she’s from Cardiff, because she looks identical to Gwyneth (the maid in episode 3, series 1) The Unquiet Dead, she says yes, he explains to Rose that the resemblance is an effect of “spatial genetic multiplicity”. And we love this because we were there with them when they met Gwyneth. We are ‘in on the joke’.

Who can forget the moment where The Doctor and Martha realise that Jack is The Face of Boe, the Doctor’s oldest friend. Or when he finally gets Rose back; ‘Oh my God, he found you’, just remembering Martha saying that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. All of the times Rose’s face flashed up on a monitor or a screen and you yelled at The Doctor to just look!

Then when Rose can hear The Doctor calling her and they end up in Norway at Darlig Ulv Stranden, which, apparently, roughly translates as Bad Wolf Bay.( I did a tiny bit of research in to this and this isn’t entirely accurate. However this was in a parallel universe so it’s irrelevant as to whether or not it exists here.)

All of these little connections were what made the series so poignant for me. I felt as though I was or could be part of that world. I had built an emotional attachment to each character and I felt the pull between each one. Something great happened between the collaboration of writing with emotion, it’s pretty obvious that the script and attention to detail was paramount throughout and with the chemistry between cast members. Everything was perfected in to a perfect unison, down to the tiniest detail. And it wasn’t just in Rose’s time, they were there with Martha, Donna, Amy and Rory even through to Clara. Those little nods and ties that gave the whole run meaning.


“You talk all the time, but you never say anything” – Donna Noble


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