What’s your favourite scary movie?

You hang up on me again and I’ll gut you like a fish” – Scream, 1996.


These aren’t in any particular order, these are just some of my favourites and also suggestions for you to watch this Halloween.

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street – ‘One, two Freddy’s coming for you’… A horrifying man with knives for fingers, terrorising the dreams of teenagers. Who doesn’t love a bit of Krueger?  I think my favourite is ‘The Dream Master’, but any of them will do.

  • Hell Raiser – I remember watching this with a friend when I was about 12, it was horrible, we screamed lots.

  • Scream – Now for me Scream is my go to “horror” film. I know it word for word and I can safely watch it on my own because it’s just a good old fashioned slasher movie, there’s no psychological bulls**t that will freak me out. I can just watch Ghostface murdering teenagers and then forget all about it.

  • Halloween – One of the most famous of the slasher franchises. We all love Michael Myers skulking around in his freaky William Shatner mask murdering the neighbours. There are loads of these to choose from too, I personally loved the first one and Halloween H2O but only because it has Josh Hartnett in it…

  • Friday the 13th – Teenagers, alcohol, a cabin by the lake and Kevin Bacon. Sounds awfully romantic I can’t imagine what could go wrong here…

  • The Skeleton Key – I think this is the only scary DVD I own and I don’t even know why I keep it because I will never watch this film again.

  • The Blair Witch Project – I went to the cinema to see this and I think I was the only person in the theatre who liked it. It really got to me; Was it real? Who were these people? Have they really vanished? Doing a simple Google search wasn’t a thing back then so it was rather mysterious.

  • The Shining – “Here’s Johnny!” Creepy twin girls and a dead lady in the bathtub. It’s all fun and games until someone starts smashing your bathroom door in with an axe…

  • It – Scary clown.

  • Poltergeist – Adorable little girl gets sucked in to a paranormal dimension. “They’re here

Which one will you pick for Halloween movie night?


Be happy and keep smiling, like a clown…a giant scary clown 😀


Published by Kate

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5 thoughts on “What’s your favourite scary movie?

  1. Of recent years, probably 1408. The movie surprised me actually and gave me nightmares for a while. As for old movies, I’d have to say the original version of ‘IT’, which traumatized me as a child. I still can’t watch The Shining alone either.

      1. Me too! I thought it’d be crap, but then John Cusack isn’t usually in a bad movie. I’ll never be able to hear that song by The Carpenters without crapping myself ever again.

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