Sidewalk pickings.

*Spoiler alert* If you haven’t seen ‘The Thin Red Line’, starring everybody! Then you may want to close your eyes, major spoiler alert. Also get over it, the film came out in 1998, in fact the original was 1964, where have you been?!

I’m trawling my way through these blog ideas. I’ve not been doing them in order, mainly because number one sounded stupid, so I’m doing that one now. Number one on the blog list idea was ‘Go for a walk, list the things that you see or find on the sidewalk’…

This is number one on my latest blog challenge. Really?

List the things that you see or find. If I were to do this I’m pretty sure my list would look something like this; leaves, sweet wrappers, more leaves, cigarette butts, yet more leaves, you see where I’m going with this. What do they expect you to find?! The lost sonnet of Shakespeare. Where do they think I live?

So instead of walking down my street and listing off a bunch of crap to you all I am instead going to bitch and moan about how stupid the idea is. I’m also slightly annoyed about a completely unrelated matter.

I’ve been fancying a bit of a Woody Harrelson binge recently but Netflix hasn’t really delivered the goods. Out of the six Harrelson films that they have on offer I’d already seen four of them!

‘What were the two you hadn’t seen?’ I hear you cry!

They were ‘Duel’ (2016) (completely weird film) and ‘The Thin Red Line'(1998). So I watched Duel first because I really wasn’t in the mood for three hours of American WWII re-enactment at the time. ‘Duel’ was okay, it’s about Texas Rangers, well one in particular (Liam Hemsworth, Thor’s brother, no not Loki) and he heads out to find this evil arsehole (Harrelson) who keeps scalping Mexicans. It’s not very nice, there’s lots of blood and cult related goings on. It’s watchable though. (Obviously, it’s got Woody Harrelson in it).

So a couple of days after watching that I thought I’m ready for ‘The Thin Red Line’. I settled down ready for some good old fashioned American army action, excited at the prospect of seeing Woody.

It’s ten minutes in, still no sign of Woody, it’s okay though, it’s only just getting going. John Travolta pops up, Sean Penn, Adrien Brody, pretty much everybody ever in the world is in this film!

It gets twenty minutes in, I’m getting slightly bored, which is when I actually started writing this blog. Thirty minutes in, I am frantically searching IMDB, just checking that he’s definitely in this, also whilst I’m there I’m checking what else I’ve seen every other person in, this film is an IMDB lovers dream!

Anyway, we hit the forty minute mark and there he is! A whole forty minutes in and he’s finally there. It’s fine, I tell myself, there’s like another two hours of film left, loads of awesome Harrelson acting to feast upon 🙂

Five minutes later he’s dead!

Seriously, what is that about? Come on Netflix, why? The rule should be that if they are in a film for less than ten minutes then it shouldn’t show up in a Netflix search. 😦

I was so sad… I’m over it now though, it took me three days to watch the rest of the film but I got there in the end! I think I’ll head over to Amazon Video and see what they have in the way of Harrelson movies 🙂

TIFF 2007 Portrait Session For "Battle In Seattle"


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