Moved to the music

Music is majorly important to me, I will always have some sort of music on whatever I’m doing. I’ll have the radio playing downstairs, my iPod on upstairs and something playing on my phone as I carry it around with me. It’s comforting and soothing. It picks me up, it helps me relax and sometimes with the right piece of music it can transport you off somewhere else.

I have been practicing meditation more frequently and I think it’s starting to open up certain areas of my brain that have been neglected for years. There’s a creativity in there that I’ve accessed before and now I’m keeping it closer to the surface.

I was sitting on my bed a few days ago, jut relaxing after some light meditation and I put my Google Play music on shuffle. The first song that came on was Samuel Barbers – Adagio for Strings. I just sat back and listened to this hauntingly sad piece of music and suddenly I had this vision of the most beautiful ballet I had ever seen.

The whole thing just played out in my head. It was heart-breaking and obviously I would know the story behind the ballet because my mind was creating it but it was like a movie was replaying in my head. The emotions and the images that that music created were so powerful. Your mind really is a wondrous phenomenon, it’s capable of such amazing things. I think that working on my mindset and taking time to meditate is most certainly the driving force behind my newly opened mind.

Another song that has moved me recently is the latest single from Lana Del Rey. I’ve always liked Lana, her style is something I can relate to, she’s very 60’s and I love this. I may just be in love with her a little bit, she is extremely beautiful. Classically beautiful. Anyway, her recent single ‘Love’ has had a strange, wonderful impact on me. It was one of those songs that just stopped me in my tracks, I just needed to stop and listen. It probably helped that I was watching the video at the same time. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a music video. The visuals to this song bring the whole thing together. Her voice is so encapsulating and the video is ever so dreamy. It’s easy to get lost in her music, there’s passion and sadness and an unending beauty that is very rare in music these days.

Oh my word this song does something to and for my soul. I’m not even going to say anything else, I’ll just let you see for yourself.

If you aren’t moved in some inexplicable way by at least one of these songs then please get someone to check your pulse ♥



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